Saturday, November 13, 2010

That Little Red Spot? It's the 3rd LD.

There are roughly 10 legislative districts in Eastern Washington, with 30 legislators between them. Of those 30, only three are Democrats. They're all in the 3rd LD, downtown Spokane.

I only bring it up because while the 3rd might be one of the bluest districts in Washington State, I'm not sure that's always going to be the case. Prior to this election going back quite a few years the Republicans were lucky to poll 33% to 35% in either the primary or the general; this year the two GOP contenders, Dave White and Morgan Oyler, were both right around 40%. If Lisa Brown were to actually run for Governor in 2012 (she shouldn't, but...) and Timm Ormsby were to slide into her Senate spot, it could be competitive. Especially if we're still looking at these same lousy unemployment numbers.

Bob Apple? Louise Chadez? Morgan Oyler? Dave White? Someone we don't know yet? Who ya got?

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