Saturday, November 06, 2010

Correlation != Causality

Washington Policy Center edition:
It’s especially interesting to point out three of the ballot proposals where there was no organized "no" campaign: Referendum 52, King County’s sales tax increase proposal, and Spokane’s Childrens Investment Fund tax increase. We were the only group educating citizens on the problems with these measures and voters rejected all of them.
The humor I see in this is that the Seattle Children's Levy, which brought together the very nicest elements of both the Spokane Children's Levy and the King County sales tax increase, passed by a country mile. It's also funny to note that a Google search for Vote No Referendum 52 doesn't give you any inkling of the Washington Policy Center until deeper than I care to look. Far from being the "only group educating citizens", there were a number of editorial boards that were right there with 'em.

Remember, WPC--even Steve Scheffler made a finals. Didn't necessarily make him worth a damn.



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