Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Blind Spot

Yes, I know I get in trouble when I go down this road (Hi, Trent), but sometimes you just can't help yourself. From the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's "Leaving a Legacy" newsletter:
Raised in rural Missouri, Keith earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics at the University of Missouri. He attended graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, receiving a master's degree and a doctorate.

Keith worked as a nuclear physicist at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California doing thesis research, then switched to the study of medical physics. He came to the medical school at the University of Washington to take part in an innovative program that treated cancer with neutron beams. When the funding ran out, Keith went to M.D. Anderson Hospital at the University of Texas. ...

After several professorships in various locations, including the University of Washington, Keith began a nearly 20-year teaching career as a professor of physics ath the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. He took early retirement 11 years ago, and in 2003, moved back to Redmond, Washington. ...

On the role of government: "Government doesn't produce wealth. It takes money from others who earned it. Government in fact is just people who often want to have power over other people. The idea that they are going to do a better job taking care of me than I am is absurd!"
So here's a guy with a long, long career of getting subsidized education at public universities, then working for the government at public universities, and who worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which gets most of its funding from the Department of Energy, but boy howdy he sure gives it to those government thugs who just want to have power over other people.


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