Friday, November 12, 2010

Offered Without Comment

Reuven Carlyle:
But I know and recognize that real education reform will not happen in powerful and transformative ways unless and until our partners–teachers–feel a profound sense of ownership of this journey. Teachers are the DNA and soul of learning and we must empower their success by unleashing their creative energy. That means the teacher’s union is part of the solution. The Seattle Education Association didn’t endorse me in my highly competitive 2008 campaign or even my uncontested 2010 race, but I hope they know that I remain committed to building a partnership for education progress together.
That's something, at least. I'll leave it to those who known Carlyle better to parse the meaning of it all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link but there is no deep secret or meaning other than an effort to step back once in a while and show appreciation for those who make it all happen.

The earlier part of the same post explains why. A passionate, engaged constituent often critical of my education positions sent an email to me one day that made me reflect upon my own need to show more appreciation. And my kid had a good day at school.

That's all there is to it.


8:25 PM  

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