Thursday, November 11, 2010

Raging Liberal Liv Finne Calls on Seattle Public School to Ignore I-200, Return to Racial Preference in Hiring Process

Oh Liv, you scamp:
Another benefit of TFA teachers is that they are much more diverse than traditionally trained teachers. One-third of Teach for America candidates are people of color, while 2007 figures for Seattle's teachers reveal that only 7.5% of Seattle's school-of-education-trained teachers are people of color.
I-200, passed in 1998, was the state effort to undo any sort of affirmative action laws. Liv should know this--it pretty much was the Washington Policy Center's raison d'etre back in the late '90s.

Seriously, though, for a free-market lovin', all-men-created-equal believin', "Heritage Foundation of the Northwest" livin' think tank to have to play the diversity care to support their new pet cause, Teach for America? That shows you just how threadbare the idea really is.


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