Saturday, November 20, 2010

Arne Duncan: Still a Pain in the Ass

This event from the American Enterprise Institute sort of puts every criticism of Arne Duncan that I've ever had into one bite-sized video.

"We need more online learning!" he says, ignoring that internet-based schools haven't proven themselves in the slightest.

"Class sizes are higher in Asia, so they can be here too!" he says, which is one of the dumber things ever said by a Secretary of Education, ever.

He also uses the clever rhetorical device of "I'm not saying we should do these things, but let's talk about it!", which is akin to a husband offering "I'm not saying you're fat, honey, I'm just saying we should talk about your weight problem."

And, shocker, Rick Hess loved it. And he moderated it, too. Whocoodaguessed?

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