Monday, July 09, 2012

15 Thoughts Upon Looking Through the PDC Reports Today

1)  Considering the late start she got off to because of the fundraising freeze, and the incredible lead that Guy Palumbo had, Rosemary McAuliffe having raised $40k+ already is pretty good.

2)  Nancy McLaughlin, running for the open seat in the 3rd LD that was vacated by Lisa Brown, has raised about $52,000.  By this time in 2010 Michael Baumgartner, running against incumbent Chris Marr in the 6th LD, had raised about $90,000.  Plus, given that Andy Billig is sitting on $80,000 cash-on-hand, I think it's pretty clear which way the winds are blowing.  Given that she's a sitting city council member in Spokane, I though there would be more party support there for what could've been an interesting race in the redrawn 3rd LD.

3)  The fact that Matt Shea and Amy Biviano both have about the same amount of cash-on-hand in their race in the 4th LD is fascinating.  This is the first time that Rep. Shea has had to stand for election since Senator McCaslin passed away in January of 2010, and it'll be interesting to see what kind of memory conservative voters in the 4th have regarding the ridiculous electioneering to fill that spot last year.

4)  Kevin Parker is a fucking amazing fundraiser.  Seriously.

5)   Matt Manweller might be able to fundraise at Kevin Parker levels.  Seriously.

6)  Of the 3 Republican candidates looking to take over for John Ahern in the 6th LD, the one with the thinnest resume is raising the most money.

7)  In the 8th LD Brad Klippert has taken one individual donation, for $25.  The rest of his money is mainly from PACs.  If he's taking Jay Clough for granted, that would be a mistake.

8)  You've got two internecine GOP v. GOP elections in the 12th LD, with Cary Condotta against Robert Morse and Mike Armstrong against Brad Hawkins.  Hawkins made a giant personal loan to himself, but there's still nearly $24,000 in cash and in-kind donations to a challenger running against a reliably conservative incumbent.  What's wrong with Mike Armstrong?

9) Remember back when the Redistricting Commission made the 15th LD majority minority? It hasn't made a noticeable difference.

10)  The 36th LD is fun electoral politics.

11)  For someone who got into the race late, Troy Kelley is doing really, really well on the fundraising front.  He's almost lapped Mark Miloscia, and only trails Craig Pridemore.

12) Clint Didier's campaign for Lands Commissioner is really, really quiet right now.

13)  The fact that Greg Nickels, the last to get into the race, has raised more than all the other candidates is kind of fascinating.  If he makes the general ahead of Kathleen Drew, who has been killing him in endorsements, that would be pretty incredible and speak to the importance of name recognition, even if people don't realize why they recognize the name.

14)  Vote Wyman.

15)  After Lands Commissioner, the second most important elected office for trees is Superintendent of Public Instruction because of the State Trust lands.  Don't believe me?  Observe that some of the biggest donors to the Randy Dorn Re-Election campaign are Weyerhaeuser, the Washington Forest Protection Association, Longview Timber, Hampton Lumber, and International Forest Products Limited (Interfor).



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