Thursday, July 05, 2012

Size Counts

From the PSE of Washington Spring Newsletter:  

Regardless of what hat you're wearing, 2012 will be a pivotal year for working families, public workers, union members, and taxpayers. PSE continues to build power in many ways, including our COPE voluntary political contribution program. 241 members from 73 PSE chapters currently contribute to COPE.

From an email that WEA president Mary Lindquist sent out at the end of last month:  

I am so excited I wanted to send you a quick note before it reaches you. We have achieved a WEA-PAC milestone this year and in the last few days surpassed 30,000 members! I remember asking WEA members to join WEA-PAC every year because their membership expired every year. Well, those days are behind us (for now) and our success with payroll deduction has been amazing. We've grown by more than 3,400 members this year alone. We've grown because members like you have asked colleagues to join WEA-PAC all across the state. Our success translates into our ability to support pro-public education and pro-union candidates.

The WEA has more classified members who are involved politically than the PSE does.  This is a fact, and not open to debate.  This being how it is, when certain lobbyists step up to the table in Olympia and say that they are The Union representing classified employees in Washington State, my legislative friends need to know that they are full of crap.

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