Saturday, April 07, 2012

To My Conservative Friends

I don't like the guy, and I likely won't be voting for him, but every time you pass along something as transparently stupid as Obama was never editor of the Harvard Law Review or keep harping about the dead-and-buried birth certificate issue, you look ridiculous. There are plenty of the man's ideas that can be attacked on their merits, or lack thereof, and that's how you're going to get independent voters.

This is why I'm absolutely disappointed that an idea guy couldn't get more traction in the Republican primary, because a vigorous debate over ideas would do our country a lot of good right now, and I don't think that a guy like Mitt Romney who is built on a foundation of sand has the chops to pull it off. You can't debate health care reform when you yourself pushed through an almost identical plan when you were Governor. Obama is pretty good on foreign policy--sorry, Steve Beren, but "My administration got Osama bin Laden" probably is enough to cancel everything else out--and that leaves domestic issues where "But the recovery could have been faster!" and "Transvaginal ultrasounds are swell!" aren't going to get you anywhere.

Here's to 2016.

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