Thursday, October 08, 2009

Joe Zarelli: Huh?

Something odd that Sen. Zarelli said in the paper the other day:
“We've made our points on this. We're going to let them do what they're going to do,” said Sen. Joe Zarelli, R-Ridgefield, who is the ranking Republican on the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Zarelli said the looming deficit might not even exist had Democrats taken his advice to adopt the budget well before April so the cuts would have been in place longer. He's hoping they won't wait to act until the end of the 2010 session.

“The inaction is really what we're paying for,” he said. “The problem we're going to have this budget is probably consistent with savings we passed on by not acting in January 2009.”
Does he really believe that passing a budget in January instead of April would have meant an additional $1.8 billion dollars in savings, especially since some of the savings that were projected haven't happened?




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