Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The NEA on Health Care Reform

This is from an email newsletter I got:
NEA opposes any tax on health benefits, including a tax on insurance companies, which would be passed off to consumers in the form of higher premiums. Many public education employees have traded salary increases for the long-term security of a comprehensive health plan. Telling them benefits will be cut or that they will pay more taxes would unfairly penalize them.

In addition, such a tax would place the burden more heavily on some workers than others. Coverage is more expensive for employers whose workforces are older or female-dominated such as education.
I remember McCain proposing a tax on health benefits during the campaign, and we blasted him for it. It's weird to see the idea coming back to life when the Democrats control every branch, and while I get that it's only supposed to be on super-duper-cadillac-A1 plans, as someone who gets heavily subsidized by the state for his insurance, I worry.



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