Sunday, October 04, 2009

Senate Ways and Means Committee Report

Really interesting stuff out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee work session the other day; it's worth going through the committee documents and seeing what was talked about. The most important one from a K-12 perspective was called "Considerations in Making Additional Budget Reductions" which says that there's only 9% of the education budget that can even be looked at for reductions (about $635 million), which sounds good until you realize that 1) the deficit the state is looking at is about twice that number and 2) that $635 million includes all of levy equalization, all the K-4 class size reduction money, everything that's left of I-728, and what we currently spend on full-day kindergarten.

That said, I've got my own ideas (school district consolidation, NBPTS certification, LASER, ProCert) that probably fall in the other 91%, but they could be real savings if the political will was there.

It's going to be an interesting session.


Blogger banders said...

What role does ProCert currently play in your state's education budget? In Utah, the head of the senate education committee is keenly interested in having ProCert review all our textbooks. Is there a cautionary tale from Washington here?

7:35 PM  

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