Sunday, October 04, 2009

Liv Finne Goes Looking for a Boogeyman, Finds the Same One She Always Does, Life Goes On

Liv, dear, if WEA President Mary Lindquist could ashcan the whole Race to the Top nonsense just by making one comment on TV Washington, then either the process itself is built on a foundation of quicksand, or we're not going to get the money and people (like, say, Liv Finne) are already looking to get the scapegoat lined up.

Liv's one of those happy hypocrites who I can't understand, the ones who'll pound the table saying that schools are amply funded, and then talk out the other side of their mouth about how we need to make wholesale changes so that we can please maybe get some of Obama's Dash to the Cash money. Note that money isn't guaranteed, and it isn't forever, but in Liv's world we need to start writing laws all the same.

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