Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Crosscut on a Potential Tax Package in 2010

Interesting thoughts from the always good Austin Jenkins, but given the continuing national trend against Obama and towards the GOP in general, I really have a hard time seeing our state legislators who might be in a competitive race in 2010 signing on to any tax package.

Take, for example, someone like Democrat John Driscol out of the 6th LD in Spokane, who beat incumbant Republican John Ahern by less than 200 votes in a district that's only recently become swing after leaning conservative for a long, long time. If a Driscol votes for taxes, he's giving his opponent a hammer that will be used to hit him over the head repeatedly in the 2010 elections. It's politics 101.

Point is, it's beautifully easy for someone like Lisa Brown to talk about potential "revenue" streams, since she's a Senator for Life in every sense of the phrase, but can she and Frank Chopp convince others to follow their lead?

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