Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh No She Didn't!

WEA members received an email today related to the NEWS Lawsuit, the latest effort (remember Doran?) to get the courts to weigh in on funding schools. It'll be an interesting case to watch; I wish that TVW was showing it.

Inside that email, though, are a couple of shocking paragraphs (emphasis mine):
Each day of the court case, we're highlighting state politicians who are failing the children of their district by refusing to fully fund our schools.

A politician like Laura Grant, who represents the 16th District: Her recent vote for education budget cuts in school districts like Walla Walla, Kennewick, Kiona-Benton City, Pasco and Prosser means $8 million less to help educate our children in the 16th District.

Or John Driscoll in the 6th District, who voted for the huge unfunded education overhaul bill at the same time the Legislature cut $10.6 million in state funding to the Spokane, Cheney, Mead and Nine Mile Falls school districts.

And don't forget Ross Hunter, who figures his votes to cut $17.4 million from schools in Bellevue, Issaquah and Lake Washington will go unnoticed. We have news for him. Educators, parents and, most importantly, children in classrooms who are going without because of his opposition to full funding are noticing.
All three of those members of the House are Democrats, two of them (Grant and Driscoll) from historically Republican districts. Hell, John Driscoll only beat John Ahern by about 100 votes in their contest, and Laura Grant polled below 50% in the primary earlier this month in her bid to win a special election to finish out her father's term.

The WEA calling out Democratic legislators. That's something to think about.

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