Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The L"E"V Finally Comes Clean: Teachers Are The Problem

This editorial being hosted by the League of "Education" Voters on their blog is, I think, the clearest statement of their beliefs that they've ever come out with. The money paragraph is actually in the middle:

The very idea that any teacher would think their own personal needs are more important than the personal needs and expectations of the people they work for, the parents and taxpayers, and most of all, the children, is appalling. Disrupting the school year, short as it is for the job to be done, is, in my considered opinion, the height of arrogance and shows a singular lack of care and understanding of the dynamics that lead to improvement in the long run for schools. And it is bad for kids.
Hear that, teachers? If you put yourself first, your family first, your own children first, that's appalling. Speak up for yourselves and you're both ignorant and arrogant.

You see, moronic teachers, the L"E"V has a better way, a true way, and there is only one way, and it is their way. I mean, really, what the hell do teachers know about teaching and learning anyhow?

Later on there's some platitudes about all sides working together, but you know that's not the goal. That certainly wasn't the goal of the House Education Committee when HB2261 was written behind closed doors and rammed through courtesy of Senator Jarrett and Representative Hunter. It isn't the goal of the Race to the Top money, which the reform elements in the state have latched onto as a potential way to fund 2261, the bill that they got passed with absolutely 0 money attached to it.

The chasm between teachers and the L"E"V is the difference between right and wrong, and they're not on the right side.



Blogger Matthew K. Tabor said...

Why have you divorced that section from its context? The editorial relates primarily to strikes.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I did leave in the piece about disrupting the school year; felt like that made the point clear.

The wider issue, though, is the gaping chasm between the education interest groups in this state, one that doesn't show any signs of narrowing.

11:09 PM  

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