Saturday, August 15, 2009

Correlation != Causation

Keep that in mind as you read this article on how on-line degree programs make better teachers. Recognize, too, that one of the 10 Ideas the House Republican Caucus is advising to save the state money is, "Take the emphasis off bricks and mortar and put more focus on distance learning through technology."

I've taken a couple of online classes for credit. I've found them pretty meaningless, honestly. If you've had a better experience, I'd love to hear about it.

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Blogger Rebecca D said...

I took several of my master's in information science courses online, and I thought those were pretty comporable to the in-person ones. BUT they weren't like the more selfpaced ones I tried later-class met at a set time, the prof could lecture and you could hear her, see slides, ask questions aloud, raise your hand, be randomly called on, etc. It was very much like being in the room. This was through UT Knoxville. The ones my husband did that were "self-paced" and you were supposed to contribute to a chatboard wer not naerly as good.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Sue Lani said...

Not a teacher, but have to do CE for my architecture license as well as my EMT certification. I've done self-paced learning with an on-line test, and attended in-person workshops with a summary test. My conclusion is there is no one format that is valuable, all formats are susceptible to mediocrity. However, as the learner, every CE session is an opportunity to learn something if you put your mind to it (and as a teacher, you can always observe how not do things!).

1:16 PM  

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