Friday, June 19, 2009

Will the Great Recession Put the Breaks on Dorn's Hiring Spree?

With the big state-level news lately being that Governor Gregoire has ordered a 2% reduction in spending by state agencies (see here, here, here, or here) one wonders if the good Superintendent Dorn hasn't overextended himself with 9 job posting for OSPI this month alone. I'm guessing some of those are stimulus money hires, for if it wasn't for the stimulus money WE'D ALL BE SCREWED, but all the same it looks like the hiring freeze has thawed if you're the Dorninator.

(Dorninator trademarked by this blog, even though I don't think it sounds all that good and probably won't catch on, but all the same)
(Also, I miss Tone from the Top. Come back to us!)

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Blogger The Science Goddess said...

I know how it looks, but you only have a tiny piece of the story.

I can easily name 20 people this year (including myself) who have had their jobs eliminated from the agency---and there are more to come. Remember that positions are at the whim of Legislative funding. The new ones you see are because the law dictates the support---not because OSPI is growing. Some of the people who have recently lost their jobs have been there 10 years or more...and are only given 24 hours notice that their services are no longer required.

Meanwhile, these jobs are the first ones posted in 10 months. How many jobs has an average school district posted in the interim? Bus drivers, custodians, substitutes, support staff, cafeteria workers, teachers, admin---I'd wager that they have been allowed to hire far more than 10 this year.

Cut some slack here.

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