Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Are You Freakin' Kidding Me?!?!, League of "Education" Voters Edition

I wish I was making this up, from a legislative review recently posted to the L"E"V website:
We’re all in this together

The budget cuts will have dramatic impacts on our state’s education system. The cuts to early learning and K-12 will mean less students graduate ready for college, job training opportunities and the workforce. In higher education, the combination of cuts and tuition increases will reduce quality, access and affordability for students vying to prepare themselves for our knowledge-based economy.

It’s up to all of us education advocates to stay vigilant. Continue to talk and work with your state lawmakers. And please volunteer in your local schools and help pass local levies.
Sure, let's remain vigilant--let's vigilantly watch the state spend more than $3,000,000 implementing HB2261, which will drastically alter certification and add more bureaucracy to the state in a time when classroom teachers--you know, us schlubs who actually work with the kids--are losing their jobs. I've made the Nero comparison before; shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic also fits. The patient is dying and Dr. L"E"V is calling in a make-up artist to make her look prettier.

The education coalition ain't just broken, it's at war with itself.

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