Thursday, March 19, 2009

The League of Education Voters Isn't Being Honest Again

Over at their blog they're talking about the education reform bills, and they have this to say about HB2261 (emphasis theirs):

Also this week, Gov. Chris Gregoire said she would not sign an “education bill that puts in a new definition of education without the funds to pay for it.”

In fact, HB 2261 would not impose new burdens on our schools now. It would phase in reforms over time beginning in 2011. The bill would fund the changes by dedicating a portion of the state’s growth in revenue to basic education.
Let's point out first that the second piece of the quote doesn't at all negate what the Governor said; allotting unspecified revenue towards a bill like HB2261 that's going to cost *billions* of dollars is not the same as funding the bill.

The fact remains, though, that the schools this year are looking at being axed by $1,000,000,000 +, and passing a bill that will immediately cause more education money to flow-through to OSPI (new data system!), the Professional Educators Standards Board (redoing certification, again!), and the State Board of Education (new accountability system!) is, in fact, adding cost to the system IMMEDIATELY and guarantees that more money will be tied up in Olympia-level fiddling while the rest of the education system burns.

Right now education money needs to be in the schools, not feathering the bureaucratic nest.

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