Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming Soon to I Thought a Think

  • A look at the Federal Way lawsuit that was just heard in the state Supreme Court last week. It's a great preview of where the NEWS lawsuit will go at the end of the summer, and could definitely be signal for the next legislature.

  • More talk about RIF and layoff statewide. If you think this year was bad, you'll love my theory on why next year could be even worse.

  • School district consolidation: the argument that will not go away.

  • The recent report from the EFF that ranked every elementary school in Washington State from #1 to #1,130. I don't mind school rankings, but I think there were some mistakes made that make the report very hard to accept as useful.

  • Speaking of the EFF, I'll explain why lining up with Glenn Beck is a stupid move if you want to connect with Washington state voters.

  • More yelling at the League of "Education" Voters.

  • My new teaching assignment for next year!

  • ....and the good works of WEAPAC, among many other topics.
Thanks for reading, and check this space!



Blogger Mr. Edelman said...

How about some discussion on the prospects of the legislature coming back to Olympia for a special session to pass HB 1776, the levy lid and equalization bill?

What are you hearing, if anything?

4:35 PM  

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