Saturday, February 02, 2013

Rep. Norma Smith Nails It, Unintentionally

When you travel in my district, and when you sit with job creators that are hanging on by a thread....they're worried.  When consumers don't know what tomorrow holds, in terms of what's coming down from us, they worry.  It impacts decisions in families. -- Rep. Norma Smith
I agree with the good representative from the 10th Legislative District, and I would encourage her and everyone else involved in governance to understand that teachers feel that uncertainty, too.  When the Senate is looking to throw on more, new accountability, to change an evaluation system that was just changed last year after being introduced in 2010, when they want to make the new 3rd grade Common Core-aligned test a high-stakes test where one bad hour for a kid could mean one year of their life--that's uncertainty.

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