Sunday, October 02, 2011

What, You Want Us to Stay at the Holiday Inn?

The Washington Association of School Administrators--essentially, the superintendents and other district level staff--is having their fall workshop starting today in beautiful Grand Mound, Washington.

Where the hell is Grand Mound? It's exit 88 off of I-5, about equidistant between Olympia and Centralia. There's a Dairy Queen and a mobile home dealership, a couple of gas stations, and you may have driven through it on your way to the Lucky Eagle Casino.

Why have the workshop in Grand Mound? Because it's also where you'll find the Great Wolf Lodge Resort, where the cheapest rooms begin at $200 a night and easily stretch up to $500+ a night for some of their other facilities.

I'm sure that WASA got some kind of a deal. I hope so, anyhow. There is something to be said, though, about the optics of meeting at a Resort when we live in an environment of all cuts, all the time.

Bad PR, admins.

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