Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brain Droppings

Skidmarks on the road fascinate me. Something happened there, something sudden, something that may have been meaningful.

If you have Wizard in your Magazine Dead Pool, I think that bet might pay off pretty quickly.

I'm sitting here in the airport thinking of my stepfather, my grandmother, my daughter. The world goes on, a sea of legs going back and forth in front of one balding, average male sitting on the floor.

There's a mouse in my house. I named him. I have to kill him before family comes to visit.

The guy I want to be and The guy I need to be like to argue with each other. Want To Be says to quit the job, devote to different work, push on into the ed policy domain that he loves. Need to Be has a mortgage payment and a daughter with health issues. Need To Be is kind of a killjoy, but he's easier.

I had my first dream about the new school year last night. My smartboard wasn't working. This really bugged the hell out of me. My smartboard has never worked. This wasn't such a big deal.

I'm going to be the father of a four year old. Those were the fastest four years of my life.


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