Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Got Your Dance of the Lemons Right Here

See Bob.

Bob is a Superintendent.

Bob is not a good Superintendent.

Bob is a bad Superintendent.

See Bob's employees.

These teachers are Bob's employees.

See these teachers vote No Confidence in Bob, because he is a bad superintendent.

These parapros are Bob's employees.

See these parapros vote No Confidence in Bob, because he is a bad superintendent.

See Bob's dog Spot.

See Spot vote No Confidence in Bob, because he is also a bad dog owner.

See the school board.

The school board is very smart. The school board will think!

Think, think, think.

See the school board's heads.

The school board's heads are up their asses. Silly, silly school board!

See the community.

See the community say to the school board, "Look, you don't have to listen to the teachers or the paras, but this crap has gone on long enough. Fire Bob, or face the consequences."

See the school board pull their heads out of their collective ass.

Let's see Bob again.

See Bob's friend, Rob.

Rob is a superintendent, too. Rob is leaving his job for a different job.

See Rob shuffle off to his new job. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

See Rob tell his school board, "Bob's swell!"

See Rob's school board pretend to be bobbleheads. Bobble, bobble, bobble.

See Bob shuffle into Rob's old district just days after Rob announced he was leaving.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

See Bob, who has never been good at his job, continue making six figures.

See Dick and Jane and Teacher Sally pay the price for years to come.

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Blogger ms-teacher said...

Sadly, I think this kind of story is true no matter what state you live in.

9:05 PM  

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