Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Rich Get Richer

So we had this bill in the legislature, 2893.

It lifted the levy lid, what school districts can raise themselves, from 24% to 28%.

It also lifted the levy equalization percentage, which benefits property-poor school districts, from 12% to 14%.

It was also written in such a way that if the increase in levy equalization wasn't funded, then the increase in the levy lid wouldn't be valid either.

Governor Gregoire used a line-item veto to take that away.

Now levy equalization for property-poor districts is being threatened with a 3% to 5% cut for the coming school year.

Property-rich districts, though, will still be able to ask voters for more and more levy dollars, while property-poor districts watch the one lifeline they have get frayed away.

There are two Americas. It's hard to tell that Governor Gregoire really gives a damn about the one I'm in.

Even beyond basic school levies, though, are programs like the Families and Education Levy in Seattle and the proposed Children's Investment Fund in Spokane where the levies are run through the city instead of the schools, meaning millions of extra dollars for programs for kids. I don't begrudge them their success, but see the title of this post.

More from KPLU here and the Everett Herald here.

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