Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No on I-1033 Week: Because Tim Eyman Doesn't Understand Levy Law

It's worth reading this interview with Tim Eyman on the TV Washington website, because he's a moron:

Let’s say you put it to voters to raise sales tax by $1 billion a year and use that for education. If voters vote for that, the billion a year would be exempt for all time from the formula for determining growth.
Now nevermind that we've just cut $2 billion dollars from education and are in line to cut hundreds of millions of dollars more. The trouble comes from the fact that local school districts have a lid on the amount of money that they can ask for from levies (24%), and can't ask for money above that. Consider, too, that there are many school districts that could never ask for the full 24% because of their property-poor nature (see the tag below for levy equalization), so they'll never have a real chance at success.

Tim doesn't care what this will do to our schools. Hopefully, the voters will.

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