Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's Peek In on the 9th LD Special Election

One of the political things I did over the summer was to sit in on the WEA candidate interviews for the folks seeking to replace Don Cox in the 9th Legislative District. Rep. Cox was one of the best in the legislature from either party regarding education issues, so both the WEA and the PSE have given the race some attention.

The two candidates that came out of the primary are Pat Hailey of Mesa (just north of the Tri-Cities) and Susan Fagan of Pullman, and it's going to be a tight one. The WEA and the PSE have both endorsed Pat Hailey--she's a former school secretary, school board member, and has a real depth of knowledge regarding the 9th--but Susan Fagan has some strong GOP connections (endorsed by both Rob McKenna and Dino Rossi!) and is pulling the money in hand-over-fist.

It's why you've got to love the Public Disclosure Commission website, because there are interesting stories to be told. Hailey, for example, has had 11 different $800 donations (among them the PSE twice and the WEA), with $800 being the max allowed under the law. Fagan has 32 $800 gives, including a double-dip from Wal-Mart and Avista, 5 donations from Schweitzer Engineering in Pullman (where she used to work), and at least 6 from health care interests, which I only find interesting because you don't really think of health care as being a big issue in either the 9th or Washington State, even if it does burn brightly at the national level right now.

It'll be an interesting one to watch play out here in the last month.

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