Saturday, October 10, 2009


Red County King County on the most recent Dow Constantine/Susan Hutchison spat:

It is the WPC’s prerogative, not the opposition’s, to clarify its own language. We, as a society, have already begun to lose touch with the importance of language, a slippery slope of diminished value from our interpersonal communications that is hastened when politicians take liberty to twist words that are not their own. The term “socialist,” when used in a specific context, is as inflammatory when directed at liberal Democrats as when conservative Republicans are labeled “fascists.” Words often have multiple definitions and as Ennis clarifies, the context in which the WPC’s Policy Guide uses the term is academic and benign. It was used– in Ennis’s words – to “describe a benefit to society, not a political ideology.”
Headline from Red County from October 1st for an article also written by Bryan Myrick:

President Holly Golightly Heads to Copenhagen

Intentions are a funny thing, aren't they?

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