Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Are They Saying About Levy Equalization This Week?

Further cuts for this year's budget must be made as well as the cuts for the next biennium 2011-13. When asked where this year's $385 million in near-term cuts will come from, director of the office of Financial Management, Marty Brown, said, "We're going to be talking about Basic Health soon, Disability Lifeline soon, levy equalization. School districts are going to get nailed."

State Sen. Brian Hatfield, D- Raymond, acknowledged that schools could get hit hard. "Levy equalization is another large ticket item that could be on the chopping block," he said.
--The Chinook-Observer, November 24th
Among the possible additional measures outlined in a memo to lawmakers:

Using $208 million in federal “edujobs” money to backfill the budget.
Reducing levy equalization to property-tax poor districts by $18 million.
Eliminating extra school funding for kindergarten through fourth grade to save $81.5 million.
The Olympian, November 25th

And, to wrap up, a great story from the Spokesman-Review on a small school district doing good.

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