Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear TVW

I love you TV Washington, I truly do. C-Span for the Evergreen State political set, committee hearings at my fingers, and great public affairs programming.

Here's the thing. While I'm glad to see Inside Olympia and The Impact getting onto the public broadcasting stations around the state, since Dish and DirecTV don't carry TVW, a reality of new media is that if you're available through ITunes, you're not doing your job to max efficiency.

I get it--you think if it's on your website, that's enough. Trick is that ITunes will search out the program and let me know when a new episode is available in a way that your website doesn't, and that's a problem. Once it's in my ITunes player I can do quite a bit more with it, which may be a reason that you don't podcast the show, but it's a poor, poor reason.

For Washington's public affairs network to not be making the best use of the new media possibilities is unacceptable. Catch up, guys--you'll be better for it.

Your friend,


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