Wednesday, June 02, 2010

See, That's What I've Been Saying!

When the idea of taking seniority out of layoffs comes up, I always think of stories like this:

After working more than 20 years at a well-paying job, I was a victim of widespread job cuts. The fact that I was a long-term employee actually worked against me as bureaucrats eagerly cut many of us who had the highest salaries to maximize their savings.
It's all well and good for the Marguerite Rozas of the world to play with numbers, and God bless those who want to consider their idea of "quality" in layoffs, but the fact remains that layoff by seniority is still the only neutral way we have of making those decisions.


Blogger Sue Lani said...

Your answer is correct, depending on the question. If the question is "what method is most neutral in determining layoffs," the answer is seniority or a lottery. If the question is "what method most strengthens the financial position of the district," the answer is to lay off more of those with highest salaries. Both answers are objectively determined.

The more difficult question has a subjective answer: "What method will most strengthen the quality of education offered in the district?"

Fairness depends on fairness to whom. Teachers? Students?

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