Sunday, January 03, 2010

Religion and Public Schools and Seattle

Now this is how you write an attention-grabbing lede:
An evangelical organization again is offering after-school Bible clubs in two Seattle elementary schools this year, part of its statewide push to convert young children to Christianity.
The comments over at the Save Seattle Schools blog are interesting; there's also a diversity of opinion to be found on the Times website.

This is also an issue at the collegiate level, as the US Supreme Court will be hearing a case soon as to whether colleges can deny recognition to religious clubs that don't allow (not just discourage--flatly don't allow) members of different beliefs. From Education Week:
“We think it’s a common-sense proposition that religious groups should be able to choose that their members and leaders will agree with their religious viewpoints,” said Kimberlee Wood Colby, a lawyer with the Center for Law and Religious Freedom, the society’s legal arm. The society has some 90 student chapters at universities across the country, most at law schools.
I agree with his common-sense proposition, but not when public money vis-a-vis tuition and student fees is involved.

I expect we'll still be having these arguments 50 years from now.

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