Friday, January 01, 2010

Why I Scream

The State Board of Education just redesigned their website. More than a billion dollars in cuts to schools last year, another $400,000,000 hit coming this year, and yet the SBE has the money to redesign their website. It reminds one of an old joke:

A little girl from Spokane is told by her parents that, because of the lousy economy, they're not going to be able to celebrate Christmas this year. With tears in her eyes she writes a letter to Santa asking him to bring her family $100 so that they can afford to have the holiday.

Oddly enough, this little girl's touching letter makes its way to Olympia and shows up on Christine Gregoire's desk. The governor is so touched by the girl's plight that she sends her $5 and tells her to keep her chin up. The girl gets the money, and writes another letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the $100. Unfortunately, Olympia got their hands on it first and took off 95%.



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