Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Have a Hard Time Seeing This....

....but would the conservative segment of the Washington State GOP really consider running a strong primary against "RINO" Rob McKenna come 2012?

The Democrats I talk to all say that McKenna is the biggest threat when it comes to the idea of a Republican taking the Governor's mansion, and if you put him side-by-side with any of the Democratic contenders (Inslee, Brown, Hunter?, Marr?), I think he's at least competitive. He's got a better resume than Dino Rossi did.

I also don't understand the general mood of the GOP being "dead" here in Washington. They just took away a long-time Democratic seat in the 16th LD (Bill Grant's old spot), they've got competitive races coming up next November (John Driscoll in the 6th being one), they've got a bit of a national tide on their side....sure, it'll be hard work, but why so much sturm un drang?

Horse's Ass take: political satire. Maybe?

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