Sunday, October 18, 2009

No on I-1033 Week: Firefighters Hate It, Too

There is absolutely nothing to like about this Initiative.

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Blogger Steve Zemke said...

I-1033 is a wealth transfer scheme. It takes tax dollars paid by everyone and uses them to only pay property taxes for property owners. But not everyone owns property.

Initiative 1033 is a giant tax shift that hurts lower income citizens and mainly benefits those with lots of property.

Danny Westneat’s article in the Seattle Times says it all with his headline “I-1033 A Windfall for the Rich”

As Westneat says, Eyman
“...could have targeted his tax relief to help those who most need it. But he didn’t. This is the rotten core of his initiative.
Forget all the caterwauling about spending cuts. At its heart this is a massive giveaway to the rich that does little or nothing for the poor.”

A vote for I-1033 will help millionaires and corporations pay their property taxes at your expense. It'll help pay property taxes on vaction homes and shopping malls while cutting funding for public services. Vote No.

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