Sunday, July 05, 2009

How Superintendent's Salaries are Determined

The longer the financial crisis drags on, the more pressure there will be on the state to fix the funding formula for school administrators. Right now the school district gets $69,000 for each principal and central office administrator; everything above that number comes out of the school district general fund. In some cases, that's $100,000+.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts on this related story:


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Blogger Ryan said...

Interesting article, JL, and thanks for the link.

I haven't looked at the prototype schools model in a while vis-a-vis what it says regarding central offie admins, but it is one of those things that stick out to the public when you have a superintendent, an assistant superintendent, a business manager, and a special services director (along with 1 or two secretaries apiece) in some school districts.

The other problem that arises is that their roles are so esoteric that it's very hard to define what exactly they do, which may be the point for some of them.

Good article!

4:06 PM  

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