Monday, January 19, 2009


From a recent email I received from the EFF, containing their legislative recommendations for the year:

Require Schools to Have Budgets: State law does not require that any of the more than 2,300 schools in our state have their own operating budget separate from the larger district, making efficient management of resources next to impossible. Following a previous JLARC recommendation, the legislature should insist that management and senior staff at every school be responsible for properly allocating the education resources each receives.
Reading between the lines I'm seeing a call for weighted student funding here, which isn't the best idea ever to come down the pipe. I also reject the underlying premise that schools don't have their own budgets; mine does, and it's something that every teacher in the building is highly cognizant of.

I've asked them to send me more information about the JLARC piece they cite; I'd be curious to see just how it reads.

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