Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Good News Will Be a Day When There Is No Bad News

Courtesy of the Seattle Times I share with you The Layoff Ledger, detailing all the jobs lost. For every big story you've heard, there have been 8 smaller ones that matter just as much to the people out in the workforce.

And that list isn't updated to include the stories on the front page of the Seattle Times website RIGHT NOW, like these 374 jobs, or these 165 jobs, or these 50 jobs, or the coming announcement from Microsoft on potential job losses, or the increase in foreclosures doing that much more damage to the housing market, or the fact that I've given up Pepsi in the new year, which is certain to plunge the whole soda market into a morasse from which it might never climb.

Point is, when you've got Ranking Republican Joe Zarelli saying that the state budget hole might reach $7.5 billion, and that estimate looking more and more realistic every day......'taint good.


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