Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Long Term Health of the GOP...

....isn't a topic that I spend a lot of time thinking about, beyond hoping for continued employment for my friend JL and reading the occasional post at Sound Politics, but if it was something that I had a personal interest in this would worry me:

But the most ominous voting trend confronting the GOP is the young voters to whom Obama has laid claim. On the eve of the election, Pew Research Center polling gave Obama a 29 percent advantage among voters born after 1978, the so-called "millennials." Pew's exit polling gave Obama 66 percent of those voters under 30.

This year, 48 million millennials were eligible to vote; in 2012 that number will increase to 64 million; by 2016 to 80 million.
That's the macro trend; the micro here in Washington State could conceivably be even more pronounced, given our tech sector.

The Washington Spectator newsletter is quite good; I'd recommend it to anyone.

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