Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Like a Puppy!

The Freedom Foundation is sort of adorable when they think they've found something interesting, the latest example being the Drudgian "UNION TAX BREAK HYPOCRISY!" story that they're running with.

The trick is, as pointed out by the conservative Washington State Wire, is that there isn't a tax preference on the books that anyone can point to for repeal. From the article:
Jeff Johnson, president of the Washington State Labor Council, makes the obvious argument. If the Department of Revenue has made a decision that unions shouldn’t be taxed, can you really call it a tax break?

“I don’t see the relevance, since most of what we do is not considered taxable,” he said.

But the tax exemptions that show up on the official books – Johnson says those are different and fair game for criticism.
So, there is no "there" there, beyond taking another swipe at organized labor, but it gives the new guy something to do, so why not?


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