Friday, April 15, 2011

One More Thing About the 3%

No administrator is fully funded by the state. Last I looked the state kicked in about $60,000 per principal and superintendent, with the rest being made up by local or levy dollars.

Why does this matter? The 3% cut that the state senate proposes only touches that state funding. A superintendent that makes $120,000 a year is only going to lose 3% of the state allotment (3% of $60k, or $1,800), leaving them with $118,200. In reality, that's only 1.5% of their salary. The teacher who makes $40,000 a year would lose $1,200, a real 3%

More fun with numbers--using the examples above, the teacher who makes 1/3 of what the superintendent makes would lose 2/3 of the amount that the superintendent would.

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