Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Weekly Liv

I was going to do a full fisking of this column from Liv Finne of the Washington Policy Center, but after a year of pointing out that she tells the same half-truths over and over again, it's getting repetitive.

She sets up the Harlem Children's Zone as a cure-all; the research is mixed.

She praises charter schools; their results are mixed, too.

She complains about all the things that she presupposes principals can't do, but never has all that much to say about what they can do.

She points out correctly that the public has voted down charter schools, and says that we should vote again. I welcome that challenge, because when the proponents are people as bad at reading research as Liv is then I'm more than happy to have the debate. Seriously, this is trite:
The research is solid that high-quality charter schools outperform traditional public schools.
...and the sort of framing of the argument that won't stand up to any serious examination.

Where have the capable conservative commentators on education in Washington State gone?

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