Saturday, January 16, 2010

Because of A, B

Because it is raining, there's an article in the newspaper about the figure skating championships.

Because I'm losing my hair, Cheap Trick is popular in Japan.

Because a study is casting doubt on Head Start, we need more vouchers and charter schools.

It's simple cause and effect.

Also on charters:
So this makes being a parent much easier. If my kid flunks out, there's clearly something wrong with the school and it must be closed or replaced by a charter. At the very least, we need to fire all the staff.
That seems to be where the Washington State Board of Education is going with their reform proposal, which is a state takeover even if Board Executive Director Edie Harding wants to run away from the term. And why wouldn't she? It's a much easier sell when you go to the public and present it as the benign, benevolent State Board doing "what's best for kids" instead of them shoveling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pete Bylsma and other highly paid contractors in the OSPI/SBE/PESB circle of friends.

There is nothing good in education right now.

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