Monday, November 23, 2009

Overstating the Case

From the Wall Street Journal, regarding new grants that the Ford Foundation is giving out:
The fact that Ford is supporting the unions—the biggest barrier to school reform in America—is no surprise.
I chuckle at this only because of how asinine it is. If state legislators wanted to change the schools, they could. If parents wanted to change the schools, they could. Far too often, if administrators really wanted to change the schools they're responsible for, they could.

The union boogeyman argument is really code for, "We're lazy, so let's set a strawman on fire instead."




Blogger Claus von Zastrow said...

The WSJ has been woefully lazy. Their measure of good philanthropy? The number of times a foundation mentions the words "charter" and "performance pay." Nothing wrong with those things, mind you, but isn't it just a little bit important to get at lest one foundation out there funding things like community well being, public engagement, teacher preparation, staff development, and all those other things that can strengthen good schools?

The monomania of these people is downright shocking. "Reform" in their book consists of three discrete things. Research--and everything else--be damned.

They'd be well served by reading a bit more widely. But I guess they have time for talking points alone.

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