Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation Will KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP If You Don't Go To Their Tea Party

Most of the blogs I follow I read through Google Reader. Some feeds send along the graphics to go along with the post; the feed for the highly readable Liberty Live blog from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation isn't one that sends the pictures.

So in context, with the Revolutionary War emblem right there to see, ending a post with "Join or die" makes good sense.

In Google Reader, with a long block of text and nothing else, ending a post with "Join or die" made me lock the door and hide under my kitchen table with only copies of Al Franken's books at hand to throw at anyone who might come to haul me away.

All that said, check out their coverage of the Washington Supreme Court. It's probably the most ignored piece of our state government, and I'm glad that someone's on the watch.

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