Monday, December 29, 2008

The Math is So Simple I Won't Share It With You

Sen. Zarelli out of Ridgefield is the lead Republican on budget issues; his budget tidbits of December 4th floats an idea about how to save the state $2 billion more, by making changes to the 2007-09 budget before it runs out. Try to follow the bouncing ball:

The math is simple. If $500 million in ongoing policy savings are achieved in the final quarter of the current biennium, that translates to a savings of $2 billion in the next biennium. And this can understate the amount in instances where savings from policy changes compound and grow over time.
The math is so simple, in fact, that the Senator doesn't seem to bother to share it anywhere. That makes it really easy for partisan hacks (me) to say that Senator Zarelli is up to something, even though he might actually have a really good idea buried in there.

Specifics, Joe. They're the coin of the realm.


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