Monday, November 24, 2008

College Presidents Take Lead on Salary Issues--No Raises for Them!

This I like, from the Spokesman-Review:

With state colleges and universities facing the potential for historic budget cuts, the president of Washington State University is taking a $100,000 salary cut.

WSU's Board of Regents voted to approve Elson S. Floyd's pay cut Friday, upon his request.

"These are exceedingly tough times for my students, faculty and staff," Floyd said. "We will be asking them to think more creatively and work harder with less as we deal with budgetary restraints.

"It is incumbent upon me to lead by example."
Similarly, the president of the University of Washington has also decided not to take a scheduled pay raise.

The cynics of the world might note that in Floyd's first year on the job he made $600,000, and that the pay cut is really a cancellation of a pay raise, and he'll still go up $25,000. That said, gestures matter an awful lot in times like this, and it's great to see a school leader take the lead like this.

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Blogger ms-teacher said...

if only our state appointed administrator (at a $250,000 a year salary) and our superintedent ($200,00 plus a year) would take the same stance. Instead, they want teachers to take even more hits to our paychecks and they are unwilling to give up anything on their side.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Because we're the little people, silly! ;-)

10:50 PM  

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