Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How's Life?

Good, thanks. It's a really nice class of kids this year. Three that were on my roster didn't show up, which put me down to 19, but since I've gotten a new little friend, getting me up to 20. That's not bad at all.

No extreme behaviors. Some little knucklehead boys, but at this age they're supposed to be and that's fine with me. No real deep academic holes that I can see, either, which is always awesome to see here at the beginning of the year.

Really, really busy with my union work. I'm told that at the beginning of the year is the hardest time, especially in a district the size of mine, because getting the class load issues settled can be an adventure. Oh, the stories I have for the coming weeks.

It's tough going back to full time after having been part time last year. The trouble with doing the half-time thing is that it kills your retirement, and the health insurance goes bananas as well, especially if you're someone like me who covers his family.

Still, I'm pretty content. It's going to be a good year.



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