Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Most Awesome Interview Answer Ever

From the May 23rd Chronicle of Higher Education Careers section, talking about the search for a tenured professorial position:

Or there was the famous professor’s advisee whose dossier I loved: superb letters, fine scholarship, excellent teaching experience for a doctoral student. We asked her how sh might approach indifferent students. “Oh, they wouldn’t be indifferent to Marxist-feminist-postmodernism,” she said confidently, and was off: “We’d start the African-American history course by establishing that gender makes race.”

“Excuse me,” my colleague interrupted, “I don’t understand what you just said.”

She babbled on happily in code for a while.

“OK,” he persisted, “how are you going to persuade students of this?”

She was ready for us: “Oh, I’d have them read a short journal article, no more than 25 pages, that would make the case; they would be persuaded, and we could move on.” She crossed her arms, satisfied.

It almost seems like a special form of madness that someone like this could think that what they were just describing was teaching.

She didn’t get the job for obvious reasons.

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Blogger Nentuaby said...

Not a special kind of madness at all... A very common one. One of the most common ones: The belief that any view one holds is self evident, and anyone who disagrees with you must obviously be defective. You see it every day among religious fanatics and rabid political boosters of every stripe.

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